3D-Scanner / Profiler

Last change: 30.11.2020

3D-Scanner / Profiler

SICK Vehicle Profiling System (VPS)

The acquisition and classification of vehicles by using inductive loops and the weighing of vehicles in motion (WIM) based on quarz based sensors to collect gross, axle group and axle weights are conventional methods to collect traffic data. To monitor the dimensions of vehicles is getting more important.

The Vehicle Profiling System (VPS) by SICK is capable to measure the dimensions of vehicles in flowing traffic. This technology is a meaningful extension for Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) systems.

The profiler is mounted underneath a bridge/gantry and measures e.g. height, length, width and speed of each vehicle.

At some sites, with increased requirements, weigh in motion systems are also equipped with undefinedANPR and overview cameras.

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