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Last change: 09.12.2020

ANPR and Overview Cameras

Siemens Sicore II

The monitoring of traffic flows, identification (ANPR) and documentation of individual vehicles as well as the surveillance of pavement conditions during adverse weather conditions becomes more and more important.

Preselection (WIM-P) and fully automated enforcement (WIM-E) weigh in motion systems are equipped with overview and ANPR cameras to capture traffic events as well as to document number plates of potentially overloaded vehicles.

Video sequences of passages, number plate and vehicle specific data (date, time, axle loads, length, occupancy, gap) are registered and, in case a vehicle is overloaded, documented in a court proven way.

At some sites, with increased requirements, weigh in motion systems are also equipped with undefined3D laser scanners.

Beside aboves mentioned applications more and more existing counting/classification as well as weigh in motion sites are equipped with cameras and upgraded to undefinedroad weather stations (RWIS). The route stations do not just supply traffic data, but can also supply and transmit video images as well as weather information (for instance pavement condition, temperatures etc.) to traffic management centers.

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