Civil / Electrical Engineering

Last change: 09.12.2020

Civil engineering and electrical installations

As a manufacturer and system integrator, Traffic Data Systems undertakes the planning, implementation and documentation of projects.
The installation of our systems generally requires roadworks and excavation as well as electronic installation work. We coordinate this work with companies that we know well and who have many years of experience in the field of road building and transport. These companies can also show that they are familiar with all the necessary statutory specifications (e.g. DIN, VDE, BG, RSA, TLS as well as manufacturer's specific requirements). Technically skilled project managers and site managers ensure that work on site is carried out to a high quality and on schedule.

Our range of services includes:
Installation of inductive loops
Installation of WIM sensors (TDS has several members of staff who are certified for sensor installation)
Rough and fine machining of carriageway surfaces
Erection of gantries and cantilevers
Manufacture of concrete foundations
Controlled and uncontrolled horizontal bores
Installation and connection of remote monitoring station cabinets
Installation of electrical and data cables (copper and fibre-optic)
Connections to motorway telecommunications cables (incl. spur extensions)
Power connections and earthing systems
Traffic safety measures according to national regulations (e.g. RSA)
Measurement work

We would be pleased to support and advise our foreign customers/partners when ordering these services. We will also undertake the planning and documentation of the project tasks if required.

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