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ISWIM Award for TDS

During the 8th. International Conference on Weigh-In-Motion (ICWIM 8) in Prague in May 2019 Traffic Data Systems presentation 'OIML R134 Certification of WIM Systems' was awarded with the 'Best Presentation Award'.

ITS World Congress 2019

Visit us at the ITS World Congress in Singapore from 17. until 21.09.2018 on the stand of ITS Deutschland & City of Hamburg, booth: 501

ITS World Congress 2021 in Hamburg

Video 'Experience Future Mobility Now' of the City of Hamburg for the ITS World Congress from 11th to 15th of October 2021.

WIM Installation A40 Duisburg

In September 2018 Traffic Data Systems installed 2 WIM systems on the A40 motorway in Duisburg (Germany). Both systems are used to identify and detour overloaded vehicles before entering the bridge crossing the river Rhein.

WIM Installation Ireland

In July 2018 Traffic Data Systems installed the first WIM system für Traffic Infrastructure Ireland (TII).

WIM-DSP 32 certified in Latvia

In September 2017 the OIML R134 certified WIM System WIM-DSP 32/TMCS-U has been certified by the Latvian Metrological Institute (LATMB) .

OIML R134-1 Certification

Traffic Data Systems is the first manufacturer with an OIML R134-1 certified WIM system for a speed range from 5 km/h to 120 km/h (06/2017).

VDK 900 recertified with A1/300m

The VDK 900 detector/classifier for TDS 820R/TDS 821R traffic counters/ classifiers has been recertified by the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) in 04/2017 with accuracy class A1/300m.

Int. Distributors wanted

We are permanently looking for international representatives in the field of ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems), who are well established in this market. Apply for it now (representation).

Welcome to Traffic Data Systems

Traffic Data Systems is one of the world's most powerful and innovative developers and manufacturers of high-precision systems for monitoring traffic and environmental data.

The company, founded in the 1990s, with offices in Hamburg and Dresden, is one of the technology and market leaders in the fields of dynamic axle-load scales (WIM, Weigh-In-Motion), traffic monitoring, vehicle and bicycle classification systems as well as systems for processing environmental data (RWIS). It therefore provides the perfect basis for reliable, accurate and efficient analysis and optimised process control.

OIML R134-1 certified Weigh-In-Motion Systems (WIM)

In the last 20 years Traffic Data Systems developed several ground breaking technologies, measurement processes and monitoring algorithms, which increased the accuracy of WIM systems significantly. Piezo Sensor Health Care (PSHC) for instance monitors the signal quality of each WIM sensor of a WIM site permanently.  This is only one feature which has been developed for the OIML R134-1 certification of the WIM-DSP 32 slow and high speed weigh in motion system. undefinedRead more...

Traffic Counters and Classifiers

Traffic Data Systems has more than 50 years experience in the development of loop based counters and classifiers. The 8+1 classification scheme according to the TLS standard by the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) is a TDS development from the early 90´s. For many years TDS was the first and only supplier of counters/classifiers which fulfilled the TLS requirements for accuracy class A1 with 300m feeder cable. Our detectors are of course also capable to classify according to the SWISS 10, 9+1, 10+1 and also 14 classes standards.  All classifiers are based on modern pattern recognition algorithms. undefinedRead more...

Cameras and Scanner

Besides the collection of data by traffic counters and classifiers as well as weigh in motion systems the visual documentation of the traffic becomes more and more important. All data acquisition systems like TDS 821, TDS 822, TMCS and TMCS-U can be equipped with overview as well as ANPR cameras. Through this for instance overloaded vehicles can be clearly identified and documented. Cameras help to improve and optimize the manpower planing, because the road maintenance authorities can check the current weather situation by having a look at the images from the sites. undefinedRead more...

Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS)

Measuring and processing meteorological data is the basis for the generation of weather forecasts. This information is of significant importance in order to inform and warn drivers about dangerous weather conditions like rain, fog, ice, snow etc. All TDS 821, TDS 822, TMCS und TMCS-U systems can be equipped with a large variety of sensors by different manufacturer. Also video cameras can be hooked up. undefinedRead more...

Optical Instruments for Road Markings

The Danish technology venture undefinedDELTA - a part of Force Technology is the leading manufacturer of retroreflectometers for road markings. Since 1998 Traffic Data Systems represents Delta in this field exclusively in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. DELTA is the undisputed global market leader in terms of precise measurements as well as developer of new technologies. Furthermore DELTA is the only manufacturer, who has its own calibration laboratory for photometry. This lab is yearly certified by the Danish metrological institute undefinedDANAK, whose standards are traceable to the undefinedPTB in Germany. undefinedRead more...

Optical Instruments for retroreflective Sheetings

Measuring the optical properties of retroreflective sheetings on traffic signs, security clothing as well as on number plates  becomes more and more important. In this business field undefinedDELTA - a part of Force Technology is represented exclusively in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by Traffic Data Systems since 1998. Delta is the undisputed global market leader in terms of precise measurements as well as developer of new technolgies. Furthermore Delta is the only manufacturer, who has its own calibration laboratory for photometry. undefinedRead more...

Testing Institute for Road Markings

In order to increase traffic safety the technical properties of road markings (day and night visibility, skid resistance, geometry etc.) need to be inspected regularly. Inspections have to be carried out after the application as well as in use. Since more than 15 years Traffic Data Systems is Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) acknowledged testing institute for road markings (level 1 and 2). All examinations are carried out according to the ZTV M 13 standard. Inspections are offered for Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. undefinedRead more...

Civil and Electrical Engineering Works

As a manufacturer of weigh-in-motion systems (WIM), counters and classifiers as well as road weather information systems (RWIS) Traffic Data Systems offers 'turn key' installations in Germany and in a few other countries. This contains the delivery and installation of VDE tested cabinets by different manufacturer as well as the installation of inductive loops, wim and meteorological sensors. We also supply the necessary civil and electrical engineering. undefinedRead more...

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