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Last change: 30.11.2020

Instruments for Road Markings

Road markings are traffic signs according to § 41 Para. 3 and § 42 Para. 6 StVO (German Road Traffic Regulations) and Section 2 of the 'Guidelines for Road Marking, Part 1' (RMS-1). In darkness, markings, particularly on open sections of road, have an important guiding function, as road users have no other means of orientation. Markings are, however, subject to wear, which can reduce their positive characteristics for traffic.

The models of the LTL-series from DELTA represent the latest development in the accurate and rapid measurement of daytime (Qd) and nighttime visibility (RL) of road markings. For dynamic measurements in flowing traffic DELTA has developed the LTL-M, which is already in use in larger numbers in Europe, the US and Asia.

In order to measure the thickness of dry markings (with and without drop on materials) we supply the MTG, a digital marking thickness gauge.

Road authorities as well as testing institutes need to measure several different properties of road markings. Therefore TDS supplies testing kits with different tools to be chosen by the customer.

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