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Last change: 16.03.2020

LTL 3000 Retroreflectometer

The LTL 3000 is a very compact device of the latest generation for measuring the night (RL) and day visibility (Qd) of road markings (wet and dry). Measurements can be taken both day and night on dry and wet markings.

The LTL 3000 optionally fulfills the requirements of DIN-EN 1436, ASTM E 1710, ASTM E 2177, ASTM E 2302, ASTM E 2367 and ASTM E 2832. Each device has a calibration standard from DELTA's calibration laboratory for photometry, which is accredited by DANAK.

According to current planning, the LTL 3000 will be available from the end of April 2020, with some extras not available until summer/autumn 2020.

Properties LTL 3000
Measuring night visibility, dry and wet (RL/RW)
Measuring day visibility (Qd)
LED touch display with 3 buttons
Straylight compensation
Entering and storing road ID and user ID
Multiple language
Single handed operation, user-friendly
Nighttime color (x,y) for RL measurements optional
GPS/GNSS positioning optional
Measures RL on profiled markings up to 15 mm/0.6 inch
Measures white and yellow markings
Measurement time less than 1 sec for both RL and Qd <1 second
Measuring field in mm (length/width) 180/50
Illumination angle RL acc. to EN 1436 1,24°
Observation angle RL acc. to EN 1436 2,29°
Lightsource LED
Illumination angle Qd diffuse
Illumination angular spread 0,33°(hor.)/0,17°(vert.)
Observation angular spread ±0,17°
Equivalent observations distance 30m
RL range 0-4000 mcd·m-2·lx-1
Qd range 0-318 mcd·m-2·lx-1
Typical repeatability ±2%
Typical reproducibility ±5%
Operating temperature 0°C to +60°C
Humidity <85%, non-condensing
Documentation date and time
Memory capacity >1 Mio.
Interface (USB 2.0) USB memory stick
Data export Excel-Format
Calibration standard with DANAK certificate
Bosch charger with rechargeable and replaceable Li-Ion 10.8 V 2.0 Ah battery
Charging time (battery) 45 minutes
Dimensions in mm (l/w/d) 420x150x300mm
Weight in kg 4,7
Carrying case

(Technical data are subject to change without notice)

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