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Last change: 11.05.2020

LTL StripeScan - Dynamic Coat Thickness Measuring

In addition to the classic technical properties of markings, road authorities are increasingly demanding a proof of a correct applied new marking. The aim is to monitor the entire application process to ensure that markings have been applied in accordance with the contract and that the materials used comply with the specifications of the client. Only this way guarantees a long life of the marking.

To determine the thickness of road markings throughout the entire application process, DELTA developed the LTL StripeScan. The LTL StripeScan is mounted on the side of the marking machine and  records the applied thickness permanently by using a laser. The laser sensors can provide detailed information about the newly applied marking, including thickness, width and the cross-sectional area. The data is transferred via an interface directly to the control electronics of the marking machine in order to adjust the application process if necessary.

The LTL StripeScan uses a laser that is invisible to the human eye. The device is mounted on marking machines in a way, so that it can scan a 35cm wide area of ​​the marking and the road (resolution 0.1mm).

The sampling rate of the system is max. 180 measurements per second. From the individual data, the system then creates a complete 2D profile and calculates a 3D profile of the marking (based on the marking machines odometer). The resolution results from the operation speed of the marking machine. The data is georeferenced and can be assigned to the individual measuring point.

Specifications LTL StripeScan
Stripe width up to 200 mm full cross section. Accuracy: +/- 0.1 mm
Stripes wider than 200 mm Cross section of edge. Accuracy: +/- 0,1 mm
Output Section average thickness, peak-to -peak thickness, section area, stripe width
Transverse resolution 0.3 mm
Scan rate 45 Hz
Communication CAN bus
Laser Safety Class 3B
Power supply automotive 12 V
Dimensions 135x175x370 mm / 5.3x6.9x14.6 inch
Weight 3,4 kg / 7.5 lbs

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