Road Weather Stations (RWIS)

Last change: 10.09.2019

Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS)

Knowledge of the current weather situation on the roads is continuously gaining in importance both for the operator and for the user. This information is used for planning winter road clearance activities as well as traffic flow (journey times) and safety. Permissible speeds in the vicinity of traffic control installations are also calculated based on this information.

RWIS (Road Weather Information System) stations measure all relevant local weather data in real time, and transmit this information to traffic computer and RWIS centres along with motorway depots, highway maintenance depots and other operation centres. These data are increasingly being made available to road users to keep them informed of current outside temperatures and icy roads.

The modular design enables system configurations tailored to the customers' individual requirements to be easily realised.

The following Data can be measured
Air temperature, surface temperature, underground temperature (depth: 30cm)
Surface conditions (dry, wet, snow, ice)
Water film thickness
Type, intensity and amount of precipitation
Wind speed and direction
Dew-point temperature (calculated)
Concentration of de-icing chemicals

Data can be transmitted via field bus, GSM/GPRS/EDGE or fibre-optic cable in accordance with TLS.

Technical Data TMCS-U RWIS System
Optimised for VAISALA road weather stations
Integral color graphics display (OLED)
Integral quad band GPRS/EDGE modem
Card holder for 3V SIM cards (front accessible)
Mini SD card (front accessible)
Integral FG3-EAK (optional control module and FG6 acc. to TLS 2012)
Ethernet interface with integral 3-port switch, RS 485 (local bus), RS 232 (modem), USB interface
Battery-backed real-time clock with calendar, time zones and automatic summer/winter time (can be synchronised in operation via IEEE 1588 and NTP)
Temperature range -25°C/+75°C
Top hat rail mounted module or 19" rack (8HP/3U)
Power supply (24VDC)
Power consumption: 3 Watt (6 Watt GSM transmission mode)
Dimensions: 40x118x175mm (top hat rail mounted version)
Dimensions: 40x128x185mm (19-inch version)

(Technical data are subject to change without notice)

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