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Last change: 09.12.2020

Testing Institute for Road Markings

Dipl.-Ing (FH) Sandra von Maercker

Road markings perform an essential contribution in terms of traffic safety. Especially in the dark and in case of wet road surfaces, markings are an important aid to orientation. This however can only be guraranteed, if markings fulfill the traffic engineering properties.

To assure the technical properties check tests are carried out based on the national standards and on a regular basis (e.g. ZTV M 13 in Germany).

Traffic Data Systems is a BASt (Federal Highway Research Institute, Germany) certified testing institute for road markings (Nr. F 01 00, Level 1 and 2) und carries out the follwoing services:

- Check tests during application

- Check tests of the finished road marking

- Pattern sameness inspection

- Inspection prior to the expiration of warranty

- Arbitration tests

Furthermore we support the preparation of private and court survey reports and mediate in case of damages.


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