Traffic Monitoring Systems

Last change: 09.12.2020

Traffic monitoring systems

In times of minimal rates of change in annual traffic development, the TLS A1 monitoring and classification of road traffic is becoming increasingly important. Traffic Data Systems provides the systems needed to carry out this monitoring. The introduction of the 8 lane (16 loops) TMCS-U sets  new standards in the field of counters/classifiers. These systems are also available for OEM customers.

The high accuracy of the data is based on powerful algorithms and modern pattern recognition techniques which are used to evaluate vehicle signatures (traversal curves for vehicles over inductive loops). As well as storing long-term and short-term data locally, systems of this kind can also store individual vehicle data. With the appropriate bandwidth, this data can be transmitted to sub-centres together with long-term and short-term data.

The outstanding performance features of the TMCS-U have been prooven after evaluating the results of an international test of 34 different counters/classifiers. In terms of classification it has shown its lead.

Technical Characteristics

The TMCS-U is available as a stand-alone FG1-EAK including several interfaces. The function group FG 1 outputs interval-controlled short-term and long-term traffic flow data, which are gathered and evaluated by BASt-certified inductive loop detectors/classifiers. The measuring intervals can be parameterised from a central unit or locally.

Features TMCS-U TDS 821R TDS 821R-U
Lanes 2, 4, 6 or 8 1 to 8 1 to 8
OLED Colour Display - -
Colour Graphic Touch Display -
2G Modem (GPRS) - -
3G Modem (UMTS) -
4G Modem (LTE) - -
NarrowBand-IoT-Modem - -
SIM-Card (Front accessible)
SD-Card (Front accessible)
Function Group 1 (FG1)
Function Group 2 (FG2) - -
Funktion Group 3 (FG3) optional optional optional
Funktion Group 6 (FG6) optional
Control Module (SM) optional optional optional
FG1 Short/Long Term Data DE-Block Structure 79
FG1 Individual Vehicle Data DE-Block Structure 63
RS232 Interface
RS485 Interface
Ethernet Interface
WIM-DSP Interface - -
USB Interface
Profinet Interface - -
Battery-buffered Real Time Clock (RTC)
Temperature Range -25°C/+75°C
Top Hat rail Module - -
Dimensions in mm 40x118x175 - -
19" Cassette - -
Dimensions in mm 40x128x185 - -
19" Rack/Table Housing
Power Consumption in Watt/GSM Transmission 3/6 10/15 10/15

NCV: Non-classified vehicles
FG = Function Group acc. TLS 2012
SM = Control Module acc. TLS 2012

Technical charactersistics are subject to modifications

Vehicle Classes

The same learning set is used in the TMCS/TMCS-U as in the VDK 900 detector/classifier with 8+1 vehicle types certified with A1/300m by the BASt. Special learning sets are provided for customers in other countries (e.g. 10+1 classes (Denmark), SWISS 10 and NorSIKT Level 4).

8+1 (TLS 2012) 10+1 (DK) SWISS 10
Motorcycle Motorcycle Motorcycle
Passenger car Passenger car Passenger car
Passenger car and light goods vehicle with trailer Passenger car with trailer Passenger car with trailer
LGV < 3.5 t LGV < 3.5 t LGV < 3.5 t
HGV > 3.5 t HGV > 3.5 t HGV > 3.5 t
HGV with trailer HGV with trailer HGV with trailer
Articulated vehicle Articulated vehicle Articulated vehicle
Bus Bus Bus
  Light goods vehicle < 3.5 t with trailer LGV < 3.5 t with trailer
  Gigaliner Articulated LGV < 3.5 t

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