Cameras + displays

ANPR and overview cameras

The real time monitoring of traffic flows as well as the unambiguous identification and documentation of individual vehicles is becoming increasingly important. Independent Weigh-in-Motion for enforcement and tolling applications along with dynamic axle load scales which are used for preselection applications (WIM-P) are equipped both with overview and ANPR cameras (z.B. Adaptive Recognition, CA Traffic, Pips, Yunex Traffic). In this way, the traffic situation is visually recorded and the number plates of potentially overloaded vehicles are documented. The time-synchronised camera systems transmit images and, where appropriate, video sequences and number plates. In the case of an overload, these data are documented together with the weight data for use as evidence in court.

Existing axle load scales and permanent counting stations can of course be retrospectively expanded with the addition of camera systems. As well as traffic data, additional camera images and real-time videos can then be transmitted online to computer centres and/or the agencies responsible for winter road clearance.

LED displays

In order to increase traffic safety, if required, dynamic axle load scales and traffic counting devices can be equipped with displays to inform road users of the speed and/or weight of their vehicles. These displays are used in particular on structures with restricted load limits or in roadworks

The layout of the housing and display can be designed to suit the individual customer. While, on roads, the displays are usually fixed to masts, in the case of bicycle counting systems, columns are often used in order, for example, to display the number of bicycles detected in this hour and/or day along with the time. The powder-coated housings consist of an aluminium structure with hollow section profiles and are available in various RAL colours. The LEDs are available in white and yellow (standard background colour is black). The housings fulfil the requirements of protection class IP 54 and are fitted with a ventilation system. The glazing is optionally printed with a circumferential passepartout frame (black) in non-reflecting makrolon or non-reflecting laminated safety glass. Displays require a 230 VAC connection and are designed for a temperature range of -25°C to +85°C. The displays and housings are produced individually for each project.