Road marking test centre

ZTV-M Test centre

Lane markings make a considerable contribution to traffic safety. They constitute an important orientation aid for road users, particularly in the dark and in wet conditions. However, this is only the case if they comply with the specifications governing their traffic-related properties.

For the purposes of quality assurance, the traffic-related properties of lane markings are checked in accordance with the specifications of the Additional Technical Conditions of Contract for Road Markings (ZTV-M 13) during and after application and before expiry of the prescribed period for claims under warranty.

Traffic Data Systems has been recognised by the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) as a test centre for lane markings (No. F 01 00, Stage 1 and 2) and offers the services listed in the table below in this regard. The work is carried out by a neutral and independent publicly appointed and sworn expert.

Range of services
Inspection during the application stage
Inspection of the finished marking
Pattern matching inspection
Inspection before expiry of the prescribed period for claims under warranty
Arbitration investigations
Production of expert opinions for use in court
Production of expert opinions for private use
Mediation in the event of claims
Subject to technical changes. Special solutions for individual projects possible.

LTL-M in action