Civil and electrical engineering works

Traffic monitoring, weigh in motion as well as road weather information systems are usually tendered to be turnkey. In addition to the delivery of the system technology, we of course also provide the necessary additional services such as traffic safety, civil engineering and electrical work.

Road marking testing institute

Road markings represent an essential orientation aid for road users and thus make a significant contribution to road safety. For quality assurance, control tests of the traffic-related properties of road markings are carried out in accordance with the specifications of the German Additional Technical Contractual Conditions for Road Markings (ZTV M 13). We are a test center for road markings accredited by the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) (No. F 01 00, level 1 and 2).

Tenders and consulting

We support customers i.a. in the planning and creation of tenders in the fields of traffic data acquisition and weigh in motion systems as well as retroreflectometers and road markings. We also provide advice to government and industrial customers as well as public and private research institutions in these subject areas.