Measuring instruments for retroreflective sheetings


Retroreflective sheetings are used on traffic signs, vehicles, routing signs for building sites, safety clothing, etc. However, in contrast to road markings, these are not renewed so frequently. They are however also subject to wear, which can be caused by such things as thermal stress, the effect of UV, contamination and damage.

DELTA has developed the RetroSign GRX for checking the photometric properties of retroreflective sheetings (coefficient of retroreflected luminance RA). This instrument enables all types of sheetings to be checked quickly and easily without entering the type or colour. The instruments of the GRX range fulfil the requirements of DIN EN 12899, ASTM E-1709 and ASTM E-2540 for traffic signs, ECE 104 for HGV conspicuity marking, and those of DIN EN 20741 and ASTM E-1809 for safety clothing.

RetroSign GRX

The progressive sensor technology used in the RetroSign GRX enables the retroreflective properties of sheetings with 1, 3 or 7 observation angles to be measured simultaneously and, in parallel, the colours to be automatically detected and documented. Photos of the sheetings can also be taken during the measurement. The instruments feature an illumination angle of +5° (CEN) as standard. An illumination angle of -4° in accordance with ASTM can also be provided as an alternative. Please contact us if you should require other angle combinations.

GRX display

The RetroSign GRX is equipped in the factory with all available hardware and software modules. These can also be activated retrospectively online (e.g. camera, GPS etc.).  The RetroSign GRX is operated via a 5-inch WVGA colour touch display that is easy to read even in strong sunshine.

Technicals specificationsGRX-1 observation angleGRX-3 oberservation angleGRX-7 observation angleGRX-1 to GRX-7 illumination angle (CEN)
Traffic signs0.33°0.33°; 0.50°; 1.00°0.20°; 0.33°; 0.50°; 0.70°; 1.00°; 1.50°; 2.00°+5°; +10°; +15°; +20°; +30°; +40°
Security clothing0.20°0,20°; 0,33°; 1,00°0.20°; 0.33°; 0.50°; 0.70°; 1.00°; 1.50°; 2.00°+5°; +20°; +30°; +40°
License plates0,20°0.20°; 0.33°; 1.50°0,20°; 0,33°; 0,50°; 0,70°; 1,00°; 1,50°; 2,00°+5°; +30°; +45°
Materials according to DIN EN 128990,20°0.20°; 0.33°; 2.00°0.20°; 0.33°; 0.50°; 0.70°; 1.00°; 1.50°; 2.00°+5°; +30°; +40°
Materials according to ECE 1040,33°0,33°; 0,50°;1,00°0.20°; 0.33°; 0.50°; 0.70°; 1.00°; 1.50°; 2.00°+5°; +40°
Subject to technical changes. Special solutions for individual projects possible.