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Retro­reflecto-meters for road markings and sheetings

Since 1998, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we have been exclusively marketing retroreflectometers from DELTA – part of FORCE Technology. These systems measure the photometric properties of lane markings and retroreflective sheetings on traffic signs, safety clothing and vehicles.

Not only are carriageway surfaces on roads and at airports subjected to very high traffic loads, but also the markings applied to them. Checking of the photometric properties (daytime and night-time visibility) of markings is carried out using so-called retroreflectometers. These measure the night-time visibility (RL, coefficient of retroreflected luminance at night) as well as the daytime visibility (Qd, luminance coefficient under diffuse illumination durig daytime). We also supply systems for measuring coating thicknesses. This can take place manually or automatically and continuously during application. Of course, we also supply test kits for lane markings.

As well as measurement of the photometric properties of markings, the measurement of night-time visibility of retroreflective materials on traffic signs, HGV conspicuity marking and retroreflective materials for safety clothing is also increasing in importance. DELTA has developed the devices in the RetroSign range for this purpose. For manufacturers of retroreflecting sheetings, DELTA offers the GRX-Online, which documents the photometric measurements of new sheetings during the production process.

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Retroreflecto­meters for road markings

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Retroreflecto­meters for sheetings and other materials

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