Tenders + Consulting

Project planning

In the field of Consulting we offer consultancy services as well as the production of enquiry specifications for traffic data gathering, dynamic axle load scales (WIM), photometric measuring instruments and lane markings.

The provision of advice and the production of enquiry specifications not only require comprehensive knowledge of construction and procurement law, the German Construction Contract Procedures (VOB) and the German Services Contract Procedures (VOL), but also detailed technical knowledge of the respective technologies, construction materials, materials science, technical regulations, construction cycles and interdisciplinary relationships.

Our many years of experience and involvement as publicly appointed and sworn experts for lane markings enable us to fulfil these requirements to a high quality standard. The use of widely available software enables you to incorporate the data into your tender documentation (iTWO) for awarding the contract.

We offer services in accordance with Phases 1 to 6 of HOAI (German schedule of fees for architects and engineers) for traffic systems along with the following special services:

Range of services
The production of schedules of services in accordance with STLK (standard services catalogue) and free text
Production of construction specifications in accordance with HVA B-StB (manual for the award and execution of construction services in road and bridge construction)
Cost estimates in accordance with normal regional prices
Determination of quantities
Subject to technical changes. Special solutions for individual projects possible.

In qualification, we would point out that we only offer these services when we ourselves do not participate as a bidder in the particular invitations to tender.